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How do fish get their colors?

It’s no secret that minnows, suckers (as I found out tonight), and loaches are extremely popular in the aquarium trade. Part of this is due to the hardiness of (some of) these species, but more so due to their extremely … Continue reading

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A conservation success story?

Some of you may have seen the¬†headline “Endangered Nevada Fish Makes Comeback” from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.¬† Could it be? Could the endangered Moapa Dace (Moapa coriacea) really make a come back and get off the endangered species list? If … Continue reading

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Can aquarists and scientists collectively form a better scientific community?

The reason I started this blog is two-fold. First, there are a lot of aquarists who care for minnows, suckers, and loaches. When I say alot, I mean A LOT. It is highly likely that many of these aquarists have … Continue reading

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Why do several species of minnows breed over the same nest?

For those unaware, I was on a brief hiatus to the Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists¬†annual meeting in Chatanooga, TN! There were numerous exciting talks, especially those pertaining to minnows, and it seems in the near future, there may … Continue reading

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